Everyone knows that landscaping adds value to your property. But how much? Is it really worth the cost of paying for professional landscaping?

The answer may surprise you. A study by Michigan University found that on average, homeowners receive a 109% return on every landscaping dollar spent. That’s a better return than any other home improvement service! With figures like that, paying for landscaping is almost always a great investment.

So if you’re looking to sell and want a fast way to add significant value to your property, read on for our landscaping tips!

Weed & Mulch

It’s important that your plant beds and garden look well-kept and maintained. The A1 Sure Services landscaping team can offer you personal advice on which mulch is right for your garden. Some gardeners like to use sugarcane or lucerne – but in reality a utility mulch may be better for making your garden attractive to buyers, as it’s practical and easy to look after.

Plan Your Plants

Plan your plant species carefully. Some plant diversity is good because it supports local ecology, extends flowering periods and reduces the impact of pests. But it’s important NOT to go overboard. Hundreds of different plant species can make your garden look haphazard and high maintenance to wary buyers. Try to mix n’ match a few favourite species and arrange them in neat rows, instead of buying the whole plant shop.

Get a New Lawn

A beautiful, lush new lawn will make a dramatic impact on the look of any home. It makes the whole section look healthy and well cared for, and conjures up images of summer BBQ’s and happy children playing on the grass.

Use Colour & Shape

Landscaping can be used to highlight the best parts of your home’s exterior, creating a strong first impression. Neatly shaped topiary is useful for entrance ways, making a strong statement when you step onto the property. Likewise, brightly coloured flowers and plants should be used to strategic effect. Place them in areas where you want to draw the eye – around arches, leading up to the main staircase, under pretty window frames, etc.

Pruning is Key

Your garden and lawn must be well maintained if you’re hoping to sell. Don’t let trees or plants get shabby or out of control. Pruning needs to be performed carefully at all times – you want to leave the garden looking neat, but not plucked bare. Call our landscaping experts if you want the job done well. We also specialise in tree pruning.

Define Edges

Your lawn edges must be defined. Paths and walkways should be kept neat, whether through barriers or with rocks and mulch. Garden beds should be kept neat and confined to whatever shape is chosen. Not only does defining the edges of your garden improve aesthetics, it also makes the property look well maintained – ultimately adding value. Our landscaping experts can offer guidance on planning and maintaining edges.

Block Out Noise

Hedges and tall plants can be used to visually block out noisy neighbours and traffic. Of course you’ll still be able to hear them, but by hiding these things from sight they’re less likely to be in the mind of your buyers. There’s also the added feeling of privacy.


So there you have it, some great landscaping tips for adding value to your property before you sell! If you’d like advice on any aspect of landscaping, or need a professional landscaping crew to take care of the whole job (including mulch, tree removal, property maintenance and stump grinding), we’re happy to help! Call A1 Sure Services for a FREE quote – (09) 446 1258 or 021 175 8660.