Hi everyone. It’s that festive time of year again!

Can I remove a stump myself?

Want to get rid of that eyesore of a stump that’s been plaguing your yard all year?

You know, the one that’s been stopping you from getting a caravan out there, a new deck or extending the shed.. The one’s that’s been affecting the kid’s games of backyard cricket and been jokingly referred to as the ‘beer table’ when the friends come around for a barbie.

We understand, however, we don’t recommend DIY stump grinding as it’s a cumbersome and extremely difficult process if you don’t have the right machinery. You could spend an entire day hacking, sawing and picking at a stump with your own home tools and get absolutely nowhere. You could also inadvertently create a huge hole in your garden, causing more problems down the line. As well as that, jar your wrist or do your AC joint in…. Well, that’s what happened to one of our clients anyway!

In almost every case, you’re better off hiring professionals to take care of your stump grinding. Lucky for you the team at A1 Sure Services are stump grinding experts, so get in touch today!

A1 Stump Grinders

We’ve got all sizes of machines from the handheld harness over your shoulder job, the rotary-hoe looking machine that you wheel into place to the big turbo charged remote controlled stump grinder that crawls along on low impact rubber tracks.

The latter is an amazing piece of machinery yet easily manoeuvrable. Mesmerizingly so, some of our clients say. Fast as well. These have super strong tungsten carbide teeth that grind your stump to mulch, chips, dust and all.

We grind your unsightly stumps to below the ground where only a small area surrounding the stump will be impacted. We’ll get rid of the debris, repair your ground and sow the grass seeds in there. In a few weeks the only sign you’ll have that there was anything there would be a patch of fresh grass!

The team here at A1 Sure Services are a passionate bunch. We get a kick out of seeing our clients smile when they are happy with our work and as always, we guarantee all of it!

Don’t forget to give us a quick call should you need any last minute tidy-ups done. Tree trimming, hedge trimming, tree pruning and tree removal.

If you need some pre- christmas landscaping done then give us a call at A1 Sure Services.

A few pre holiday tips if you’re heading off.

  • Before you leave home, don’t forget to get up to date with all the routine jobs. A neglected garden looks like an unoccupied house which is an invitation to burglars.
  • Mow your lawn a day or two before you leave. Also if it’s going to be a hot couple of weeks, set your mower blades up high so the grass stays green instead of turning yellow.
  • Sweep up the paths.
  • Give us a call at A1 and we can work out a reasonable rate to give your yard a quick spruce up before you get into christmas or even while you’re away as well so you come home to a lovely manicured yard.
  • Get a neighbour or friend to pop around and give the container plants a water.
  • If you’re heading away for more than two weeks, remove all flowers that are open (if you can be bothered) so when you return existing buds are just opening out to produce a fresh flush of bloom.

Have an A1 Christmas and drive safe if you’re heading away![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″]